314(b) Sharing

Information is power in making risk decisions when time matters.

Robust Compliance

Make timely, more informed decisions on SARs and provide more complete narratives and thorough identifications. 




Using the latest image recognition technology, BLACKGUARD assists in many areas of your AML program, including, but not limited to, complete and accurate CIP, KYC and monitoring results to conduct more  timely account review, active transaction monitoring, smurf logging, fraud alerts,  and PEP screens. 



Complete Investigative, Analytical and Audit Tools

KYC, CIP, On-Boarding, CDD, EDD, PEP Screen, OFAC, SDN, Watchlist 


Cloud-Based Biometric Relational Database

BLACKGUARD is an easy to use cloud-based relational database coupled with a proprietary technology (patent pending) of facial data storage and matching engineering, quick field data logging, and real time updates for more effective risk management and robust AML compliance at reduced operating costs.


Monitoring & Review

Know more, sooner, about your customer's business, associates, & activities. 


No access to Blackguard platform or databases from this informational site.

BLACKGUARD provides a next generation, technology tool as a highly effective, simple to use, cost-effective and secure means to quickly identify and respond correctly to potential risks and compliance tasks while actively participating  in section 314(b) (USA PATRIOT Act) information sharing program as encouraged by FinCEN.  See Section 314(b) Fact Sheet.  

See Administrative Ruling.